Fashion under Construction

I have been wanting to share "before and after" photos on the blog for awhile now. The problem is that I ALWAYS forget to take a before photo. I'm gonna try to post these transformations more regularly. The finished look is something I envision at the thrift store the moment I set eyes on it. One of my favorite moments is seeing the item on a model once its completed.


The Cinema

Last night I saw the movie Water for Elephants.
I fell in love. Visually this movie was everything I love about the 1930's. The fashion was to die for. The story was riveting. I want to see it again just to soak up Reese Witherspoons wardrobe.
*Google Images


Lost in the woods

This is the last series of photos from our Spring Shoot. The models are wearing Lynn's Rags tutu prom dresses. The sun was setting and looking so beautiful. I am in love with how these turned out.


My prom

I have been busy listing prom dresses for sale. I got a little nostalgic, and thought it would be funny to share my 2 prom experiences with you. I went to my high school prom in 1997, and then to me ex boyfriends prom in 1998. (all I see in these photos are eyebrows, where the heck are they? I plucked them so thin. agghhh)

The black vintage dress was from a Resale shop called RAGS. Its cost $15. I added a white feather boa. Long black gloves, that I sewed rhinestones to. Then I topped it all off with a rhinestone tiara from the thrift store. What I remember most about this night was DRAMA. I went in a limo with 2 other couples. One girl was angry at her boyfriend the whole time. The other couple got separated when the guy got kicked out. And as usual I was not getting along with my boyfriend either. But I did have fun dancing with my girlfriends all night.

This was my younger boyfriends prom. It was alot more fun. We went in a huge group. I reconstructed a wedding dress I found at the thrift store. I cut off the bodice. Then I added a piece of tulle with ribbon as a shawl. I wore creepers with stripe socks. I adorned myself with vintage rhinestone jewelry. This outfit cracks me up. I am proud of myself for using my sewing machine. The lovely brunette on my right is Sheri my beloved photographer ;)


Strawberry Fields

These are some more amazing shots from our shoot last month. It's a strawberry theme. I love the way the red pops!
Photos by: Tangerine Tree Photography
Makeup: Morgan Gates
Hair: Quinn Kerrigan


Retro Lingerie Shoot

This is the result of our shoot a month ago.
I wanted to do a soft, muted lingerie shoot. So I reconstructed some vintage nighties to make them more modern. We wanted a sophisticated sleepover feel. I love how the hair (Quinn Kerrigan), and makeup (Morgan Gates) turned out. We used Quinn's amazing bedroom as our backdrop. There will be more looks to come from this shoot.
Photos by: TangerineTreePhotography


Owens Style : bow ties

I went to a garage sale this weekend and SCORED! I found a bag of vintage bow ties. Owen loves them. He put together all these stylish looks.


1970's Love : What I wore

The 70's are one of my favorite decades. I love when I find vintage leotards at the thrift store. This pink one is awesome! The vintage purse is embroidered and beaded. The jeans are high waisted bell bottoms from Forever 21. Faux Fur coat from the thrift store. Pink $5 sunglasses from L.A. Garment district.