On the Street

I got the sweetest email ever! A Lynn's Rags customer I have never met sent me the following message,
" Hi!
I bought a dress from you ages ago for my high school prom and I just wanted to send you an email and photos to thank you so much. I cant honestly say that I was the most uniquely dressed there, and still, 4 months later I still get compliments about it!
I have your Etsy page bookmarked and I LOVE everything!
, Allie."

Doesn't Allie look like a little Bettie Page!?! She totally stands out and looks beautiful.
I love getting photos of my girls. I encourage you to send me photos of you wearing your Lynn's Rags! xoxo


Happy Halloween!

Looking for a ONE OF A KIND Halloween costume that screams Nostalgia?
I have just made 3 unique costumes from remnants of vintage Girl Scout Costumes. Get these cookies while you can, because when their gone, they are gone! Lynnsrags.etsy.com


Custom Tube Tops

Do you have a treasured T-shirt that you cant bear to part with, but yet cant wear it because the fit is too frumpy? I have been selling Tube Tops made from old Tee's for years now, and I am offering a custom deal to the public. Send me $20, an old T-shirt, measurements, and I will turn that old Tee into a one of a kind Tube Top. Available for purchase on Lynnsrags.etsy.com

Currently on Auction

Every Thursday I put some items on auction in my eBay store.
Check out what is listed this week.


my name is Lynn and I am a D.I.Y. / Reconstruction Fashion Designer. I buy vintage clothing and fabrics and transform them into something unique and one of kind. Every single thing I sell is handmade, by me. My style is very girly with lots of bows, ruffles, and nostalgia. I will be posting updates on where you can find my latest clothing, Trade show and craft fair info, and general fun stuff!!
I am so excited to add a personal touch to my website!