Here and there my photographer friend Sheri (tangerinetreephotography.com) and I get together and plan an extravagant Fashion Shoot with hair and makeup artists, models and a theme. This Sexy Secretary shoot was done in 2007. We planned and planned..... then I had to leave early because my B.F.F. went into labor with her first baby. This is the only time I have not been present for a photo shoot, but my clothes were there...... enjoy this blast from the past. I cant wait to do another one soon!


Creative Work Space

I thought I would share with you my little sanctuary. The little place I spend most of my time. There is a little green garden shed in my backyard. It is filled with fabric, clothes, thread, sequins, 4 sewing machines, and vintage knick knacks. It is here that I sew and create all of my Lynn's Rags goodies. It is such a cozy little place. I go in there at all hours and just make what my heart desires.


Little Bro

My little Brother Lucas had a house show the other night. It was his first time playing in his new band, The Vipers. He was so cute in his vintage red shirt sister got him for Christmas. I went to shows and parties all the time in my twenties. Now its so funny. I feel like the old momma there. Its nostalgic and fun, but I also feel like I need to get to bed by 10pm. But I will always drag my old butt out to support my bro. xoxoxo


Christmas P.J.'s

Owen got his new Christmas Jammies. A tradition passed down from my childhood. They are green army man Pajamas from Toy Story. Of course Oweee had to go jazz it up with a helmet, boots, and a gun. Boys are so much fun!

Lights & Cocoa

My Cousin Amanda (also my B.F.F) and I took the kids to look at Christmas lights the night before X-mas eve. We made hot cocoa and got in our jammies. We headed to Candy Cane lane in El Cajon. We sat in line for a while, then we got to drive slowly looking at ll the lights. The kids were so cute! There was a lit up Sponge Bob and Owen yelled " Sponge Bob you are my favorite show on Nickelodeon." It was so funny! There was even a Santa Claus passing out candy canes to the cars.

Crazy Holidays

I am so tired! This week of Holiday get togethers with family and friends has wiped me out. It all began when my girlfriend Simmone came to town from Baltimore. We headed to the local Karaoke bar to catch up. Then a few nights later we had a game night. This is a tradition we try to carry on year after year at this time.
P.S. I am in love with my new mustard yellow jacket ;)


Holidays and Cocktails

Had a great time last night. Getting dressed up to hang with the gang. Having a White Elephant exchange and laughing alot! My girlfriend Quinn is the hostess with the mostess. She goes all out preparing the most delicious vegetarian treats. I feel so lucky to have such great people in my life.
Happy Holidays everyone!


Real Style

This is a photo of Slanelle. She looks especially sweet in this Lynn's Rags geometric Bow sweater.
Thank you so much! I love nothing more than seeing real people in my clothes!


Day in the Sunshine

Owen, Nick and I got up super early today. We were selling our old junk at the swapmeet. It was a long day but it felt good to clean out old stuff and make a little cash. Nick found Owen a homemade slingshot (kind of dangerous right?). Then we were visited by some friends. Uncle Luke being one of them.
Owen sold some old toys and bought a cop set (that's where the cool glasses came from). And of course Oweee dressed up in some of my old clothes just for fun. Any excuse to play dress up for that boy!


Star Wars

I love getting photos from people in my clothing. This week Sara messaged me about her Star Wars bubble dress she ordered. She sent along a little photo too! Thank you Sara

Owens Style

So, I have a 6 year old son named Owen. He is obsessed with clothes. Its awesome. He loves to put together costumes and outfits. Being a thrift store loving mom, I find him lots of goodies. One of my favorite stories is the time I bough him a black blazer. It was 2 bucks and looked like his size.
I gave it to him and he said,
"oh my gosh I always wanted a black one! You are the best mom ever. Can I put it on right now?"
I thought that was hilarious. What little boy gets excited about dressy clothes?

New Tags!

So, this is kind of nerdy.....but I am excited. I made some new Lynn's Rags tags with some help from my friend Holly. She makes cool stuff out of paper. Check out her website www.etsy.com/shop/mommyholly. They are circles with my logo on them. They are a step up from the tags I was making before. If you shop at Whatever you will be spying them.


Birthday Girl

I had the best time this weekend. My sweet Hag (that's our nickname for each other) turned 29 years old. We went out on the town for a little girl night. Amanda (hag) is my cousin and best friend. She is the single mommy of 2 and rarely sees a night out sans children. We took her out for a vegan meal, and a night of cocktails. The birthday Bitch sign was a fun find. It was on sale at Urban for $2.90. I am a sucker for a sale, and gold glitter ;)


Lynn's Rags in Wonderland

Happy Birthday to Adrienne! This sweet gal had an Alice in Wonderland themed 30th Birthday extravaganza. I custom made her a tutu dress. She rocked it quite nicely. I wish I was invited to this party. My mouth is watering at the sight of all that candy.
P.S. I am loving her shoes.
Photos are courtesy of www.bllew.com