My prom

I have been busy listing prom dresses for sale. I got a little nostalgic, and thought it would be funny to share my 2 prom experiences with you. I went to my high school prom in 1997, and then to me ex boyfriends prom in 1998. (all I see in these photos are eyebrows, where the heck are they? I plucked them so thin. agghhh)

The black vintage dress was from a Resale shop called RAGS. Its cost $15. I added a white feather boa. Long black gloves, that I sewed rhinestones to. Then I topped it all off with a rhinestone tiara from the thrift store. What I remember most about this night was DRAMA. I went in a limo with 2 other couples. One girl was angry at her boyfriend the whole time. The other couple got separated when the guy got kicked out. And as usual I was not getting along with my boyfriend either. But I did have fun dancing with my girlfriends all night.

This was my younger boyfriends prom. It was alot more fun. We went in a huge group. I reconstructed a wedding dress I found at the thrift store. I cut off the bodice. Then I added a piece of tulle with ribbon as a shawl. I wore creepers with stripe socks. I adorned myself with vintage rhinestone jewelry. This outfit cracks me up. I am proud of myself for using my sewing machine. The lovely brunette on my right is Sheri my beloved photographer ;)


  1. These pictures are absolutely amazing. I love you so much Lynn!

  2. further proof that you are and have always been adorable. loves you!

  3. haha this is awesome!!! Love your bangs in this last look ;)