Fashion under Construction

Here are some recent clothing items I reconstructed. Its so fun to take items that are damaged, or ugly and turn them into something fun!


Comic Con

Living in San Diego, I look forward to Comic Con every summer. This year I cant wait to see the cast of Sons of Anarchy(again)!!! The people watching could entertain me all weekend. So many people dress up very elaborately. Sometimes its nice to show up in a little comic themed summer dress.


Behind the scenes

I have such a great time at our monthly photo shoots. It's the social part of my job. Most of the time I am sewing alone in my pajamas. No makeup, hair in a bun. But once a month I get to see my girls and play dress up. Here are some behind the scenes photos. For the next 2 weeks, I will be listing some new goodies on etsy.


Fashion Show part 2

Here are some fun shots from the fashion show. I made my first bow shoe clips. Beautiful pictures by Photographyisme.

Summer Fashion Show

So, I finally did a Fashion Show after 2 years. I would never have done it, if it were not for my models. They are beautiful, dependable, and so hilarious! We had such a great time getting ready and joking around together. It was one of the hottest days of the summer, around 100 degrees. The Ruby Room was so hot and stuffy, that we decided to get our makeup done outside. Here are some photos of the prep before the show.